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We are India’s largest Solar Rooftop Service Provider growing 4x year-on-year, since our formation in 2016

Rinova is your reliable and modern-age solar power solutions company. From assessing your solar power requirements to serve you with the best quotation and solar PV system across the India, our team of experts help you save maximum money on solar power installation.

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Apart from saving big on electricity bills, be at the forefront to promote sustainability by harnessing the sun and bring a significant change in the fight against climate change by advocating clean, green energy.

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You save more on your electricity bill and can avail of financing option.

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We offer a 25-year generation warranty

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Real-Time Tracking Monitor your rooftop plant with our Mobile App!

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Solar energy is an infinitely available, renewable energy

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We offer you a 24/7-service support throughout the life of your solar

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Residential Solar System contributes to good savings, while protecting the environment. Install Solar Today on your Rooftop.


Commercial or industrial solar system installation gives your relief from rising utility costs and reduced dependence on grid supply.


Hybrid Solar plant is a combination of both On-Grid and Off-Grid systems. This system has no requirements for Grid.​


Our expert professional team is ready to fix all your solar panel issues instantly and available 24X7 when customer required.

Our Recent Projects

We have successfully planned and delivered 300+ solar power projects including big solar farm, commercial and residential solar power plant in all over India.

DS Group
Project Type – Commercial
Capacity – Cumulative 800 KW
Location – DS Group, Noida and Greater Noida
Solar Panels – Canadian and Jinko
Inverter –  Sungrow, Havells and SMA
Indo Nuclear Energy, MP, 200KW
Project Type – Commercial
Capacity – 200 KW
Location – Indo Nuclear Energy, Majhgaon, Madhya Pradesh
Solar Panels – Adani Solar
Inverter –  Hitachi
Hitech Polyflex, Noida, 60KW
Project Type – Commercial
Capacity – 60 KW
Location – Hi-tech Polyflex, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Solar Panels – Canadian
Inverter –  Havells
Project Type – Residential (Hybrid)
Capacity – 8.8 KW
Location – Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Solar Panels – Adani Solar
Inverter – Cellcronic
Touch Stone Jewellery, Noida, 10KW
Project Type – Commercial
Capacity – 10 KW
Location – Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Solar Panels – Adani Solar
Inverter – Havells
V.K. Kukar
Project Type – Residential
Capacity – 25 KW
Location – Asola Village, New Delhi
Solar Panels – Adani Solar
Inverter –  Growatt
Project Type – Residential
Capacity – 15 KW
Location – Mohali, Punjab
Solar Panels – Adani Solar
Inverter –  Goodwe
Arun Agarwal
Project Type – Residential
Capacity – 30 KW
Location – Farm House, Chhatarpur, New Delhi
Solar Panels – Tata Power Solar
Inverter –  Goodwe
APS Securitas, Delhi 50KW
Project Type – Commercial
Capacity – 45 KW
Location – Janakpuri, New Delhi
Solar Panels – Adani Solar
Inverter –  Growatt
Amicare Hospital, Ghaziabad, 23KW
Project Type – Hospital
Capacity – 23 KW
Location – Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Solar Panels – Usha Shriram
Inverter –  Havells

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